Seminars organised by the EEG

The EEG has since 2013 organised seminars on the use of EU Structural Funds for the transition from institutional to community-based care in the following countries:

– Riga, Latvia on the 28 June 2013
– Tallinn, Estonia on the 19 September 2013
– Bucharest, Romania 2 of October 2013
– Budapest, Hungary 17 of October 2013
– Zagreb, Croatia 24 of October 2013
– Sofia, Bulgaria 27-28 of January 2014
– Warsaw, Poland 17 of February 2014

The events were all hosted by national governments, with the exception of Poland (where the Ombudsman’s Office hosted). The EEG still intends to organise similar events in 7 countries this coming year: Austria, France, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Greece and Denmark.

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