The use of the European Semester for the transition to community-based care

In 2015, the EEG issued a press release and sent a letter to President Juncker in order to demonstrate the importance of promoting the transition to community-based care by streamlining de-institutionalisation (DI) in the European Semester process.

The EEG underlined that the failure to strongly include DI in most of the 2015 country reports and country specific recommendations is a missed opportunity for the European Commission to use the European Semester to promote such a process.

P029701001502-468010Most country reports and CSRs failed to emphasize the role of public, private and not-for-profit social services, especially at the local level, in addressing social challenges and providing community-based care. It is important to ensure all EU policies and financial instruments make a real contribution to the enjoyment of human rights by persons with disabilities, elderly, children, persons with mental health issues and homeless, who have a right to live independently and be included in society, and to have the same choice as any other person. The economic and social considerations must be considered jointly in order to ensure a European Union worthy of a Triple A social rating.

In its letter to President Juncker, the EEG called on the use of the Annual Growth Survey to identify the transition to community-based care as a key priority for Europe. The AGS should lead to a plan on how to include social impact assessment in the process of developing CSR in order to tackle poverty and social exclusion and help convince Members States to implement the recommendations.

It is important to provide those currently segregated in institutions, with an equal chance to gain access to family environment, inclusive education, the labour market and community living in order to create sustainable and inclusive societies.

The European Commission should ensure that the European Semester actively contributes to ending the harmful practice of people living in segregating settings in Europe.

You can read our Press Release on the CSRs here.
You can read our Letter to Mr Juncker on the AGS 2016 here.

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