Training of European Commission Officials

The EEG organised two trainings on the development of quality family-based and community-based support as alternatives to institutional care for desk officers of the European Commission in October.

“Everything you always wanted to know about Deinstitutionalisation (but were too afraid to ask)”

DSC_0063.JPGThe objectives of the trainings were to provide information on the tools and mechanisms that can be used to promote deinstitutionalisation and the development of community-based care in the daily work of the Commission staff.A broad range of officers from DG Regio, DG Empl, and DG justice as well as various desk officers from many countries participated in the trainings.

The self-advocates’ contributions were greatly appreciated as it provided concrete examples of DI. It brought a human and personal insight to the problematic of institutionalisation. We warmly thank Ms. Wendelien De Baere and Senada Halilcevic for their enthusiasm to share their personal stories and their active participation in the events.


The EEG underlines the importance of these trainings and their positive impact on the continuous development of community-based care. The group will further its work this year with the organisation of national seminars in seven countries.

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