Seminar on Community-based Support in Poland

Warsaw, 14-15 March 2016

The EEG and the European Commission were invited in Poland by the Ministry of Economic Development in order to support a two-day seminar focused on the transition to Community-based care. The event led to pragmatic discussions with national and regional level authorities and the drafting of selection criteria for the ESF.

Group Picture.jpg

The EEG welcomes the drafts of selection criteria based on a community-based support approach, which were developed by the regional authorities of Poland in the following areas: care services & personal assistant, housing services, elderly services and family & foster care. The presence of external expertise by the EEG was welcomed as it helped to change the mind-sets.

We concluded by reminding that it is not about building, it is about the people and the society we want to live in. We welcome the proposal to draft a EU library of selection criteria that could serve as basis for all Member States authorities.

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