Roundtable on the Transition from Institutional to Family and Community-based Care in Greece

On 18th May, the Greek Ministry of  Health and Ministry of Social Security and Social Solidarity held in cooperation with the European Commission and the EEG a roundtable in Athens focusing on the transition to community based care in Greece. Many stakeholders participated to the discussions and the main focus were policies, care for persons with disabilities and care and protection of children.

13221220_10209387433912157_3227065215718716_oThe ministries are committed and have the political will to ensure priority to the social welfare sector and to adopt a common vision for the transition. Great synergies between the ministries and consultations with civil societies have been established. The European Commission welcomed their commitments and supported the proposition to adopt a national plan. The EEG also emphasised the need for answering urgent matters that require short term actions. Investments must be made in people and services and not in infrastructures.

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